In Home Boudoir is a personalized boudoir session at the comfort of your own home. This give you the feeling of secure, comfort and confident being surrounded by your own space. The session is mostly done in natural lights available at your home to reflect the natural true ambiance of your home. The space, the ambiance, and yourself are my inspiration.

In Studio Figurative Art session is an expressive photo session in a commercial studio environment. It is a more conceptualize approach to see a whole new side of you. Various different studio lighting techniques will be used and it involves a lot of highly sculptured posing to accentuate body line, so the creativity is endless.

Your In Home Boudoir experience options are a la carte. You decide which products are best for you. It’s really simple. In Home Boudoir has no session fee and price starts from $650. You just pick the range of products that you like, such as album, prints, canvas and the digital files in a USB flash drive. In Studio Figurative Art session would require an add-on of $350 session fee for the use of the studio.

Send me an email at mail@boonong.com or fill in the contact form above to request for the full product pricing.

Yes! I do offer In Home Boudoir session outside of Calgary. For such special request, additional cost is required for travel and lodging. Please inquire through email at mail@boonong.com or fill in the contact form above.

I photograph both women and men of all ages, shapes or orientation. And I also highly recommend couple’s boudoir session as it is a great way to spark a connection and share this ultimate experience together in a unique way.



Absolutely! If you look through the galleries, all my past clients come in all size, age and look.

Other than using your own home, you can also have the option of renting a hotel room, Airbnb, or asking a favour from your friend to use their space. I am not restricted by the location where the session takes place.  All expenses and venue arrangement will be the sole responsibility of you.

Yes.  Everyone has their natural way of movement, I will give you a lot of guidance and pointers along the way to enhance the poses. All you need to do is just enjoy the moment and be your beautiful self.

In Home Boudoir session duration is between 1 to 2 hours.   In Studio Figurative Art session duration is between 2 to 3 hours.

It would be your own preference. A light make up is always recommended for the photo session.  Your own day-to-day make up is totally fine with me. All I need is for you to stay true to your very own persona and I do not intend to transform you to a different person.  However, if you like to pamper yourself with professional hair and make up, I do know a lot of fellow artists that I could recommend to you. Just let me know up front.

No. It is up to your preference because everyone has their own comfort level.  Lingerie or implied nude approach can also be done in the boudoir session. The expectation will be discuss clearly in our first consultation.

About 90% of my work involve nudity (please see all my work in this website). All past clients understand that this is the style that I often do and they have absolute confident on me that the images will be tasteful.

No. I am not a prop shooters. Shooting someone posing with an object is not my style. Please keep guitars, jerseys, sport equipment, sword, etc. at home. However, if you have any jewelry or any BDSM equipment you would like to use in the session, please bring the idea up to me up front. I am sure there is a creative, tasteful way to include it in the session.

There will be some minor retouch to the images, mainly to remove any skin imperfections that are not permanently on you, such as pimples, bruises, cellulite, skin indent from tight clothing. My style is to be honest and truthful, I want to stay true to who you are because I believe you are beautiful just the way you are.

No other editing will be done to change your body figure because that is not what I believe in.

Only if you give me permission. Privacy is very important to me, so if you want to keep the images to yourself, it will not be posted online.

However, if you want to give me permission, I’d like to share them so others can get an idea of what the experience looks like. The boudoir experience is often feeling more complete with the story telling element in my blog.  Or if you’d like to write some words about your personal experience, I am always thankful for that!

I believe it’s essential for you to walk away from this experience with a beautiful tangible products that you can look back on for my years in the future. I carry a beautiful line of albums, canvases, prints and digital options. Due to the nature of the images, it is utmost important to produce a product with a secure and safe vendor and I can definitely help you with that.

Yes! And you’ll be thanked forever for this cool gift of yours.

You bet! I have worked and collaborated with many full time professional models and have a have a lot of previous works in the galleries.