Look back of 2017

2017 ... the year felt so long, so long that I am so glad 2018 is finally here. Due to family health issue in the middle of the year, everything ha[...]


blizzard door bell rang ...  cold he ... stood there suppose appointment dark ... so dark basement mess all over the place he didn't care [...]

Look back of 2016

2016, as many have said, was a year full of tough times and negativity. It wasn't a year that many enjoy. I personality was heavily affected, from job[...]

Look back of 2015

Words cannot describe how humble and grateful I am from all the support that I have received since I started Figuratif by Boon Ong early 2015. Photogr[...]

Boxing Day Sale

  This is Figuratif by Boon Ong first ever Boxing Day Sale event. New in home boudoir sessions booked between December 26, 2015 to January[...]

Do More Award

A belated announcement but happy things are never too late to be celebrated. I recently submitted one of my work to the Do More Award and I was the[...]

Do More Wear Less

Today, I would like to switch the mood a little bit and continue with sharing some of the other artist work that I highly endorse. Last year, I had[...]

The Beginning

Today, I decide to do a little change to my blog, instead of showcasing my new work, I would like to add in additional content. I am a strong advocate[...]

Fit in

"I have tried, but I don't fit."   A while ago, I drafted one of my inspiration through a series of selfie - Sleepless, it turned out to be[...]

The Light From One

I often get questions from fellow photographers on how do I concur low light environment. This challenge become more apparent when no lighting equipme[...]


When Michael Ward came visit last summer, due to some personal reason, our catch up session was cancelled. In fact, I should thank him because it was [...]