Simple. Honest. Truthful. These words have always been a constant reminder and guide to my work .

Boudoir and nude art are always seen as a taboo, something that one shies away from talking about and viewing openly. This strongly resembles my life-long battle trying to fit-in and the fight to embrace my own sexuality. I have an ambition to use boudoir and figurative art as a way to yell for a new freedom, to break down barriers and taboos, and to create space for people to find confidence in their own body and sexuality.

My work is all about self-love and personal expression – each person has their own story, their own narrative without negative external pressures or judgment. Although each shoot is approached with a specific intention, the concepts remain simple, yet fluid and organically evolve throughout the shoot. The way each individual moves, the space, the ambiance and their personal stories provide a constant source of new inspiration in my photography. I believe every person moves in a unique way. Rather than replicate pre-set poses, my boudoir and figurative art seeks to enhance the natural movement of each person. Ideally, I hope to create a comfortable space to enable individual to express their own source of confidence, embrace their sexuality, love their own skin, and truly be themselves without any attempt or pressure to fit in.

Simple. Honest. Truthful. That is how a story should be told.

Boon Ong
Figuratif by Boon Ong

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