My Journey

When I first started doing Figurative Art Photography, there was no rule set to myself. It’s a small little space that I genuinely explore, experiment, be creative and do whatever I want, with no commitment and no commercial restriction. Due to this specific genre, there are rejection, criticism and plenty of questions why am I photographing figurative art, which led me into a  deep self discovery journey.

“If I wasn’t married or have kids, I would love to have you photograph me,” my friend once said to me.

That really broke my heart. I believe everyone deserve to be beautiful regardless what age, gender, shape or at whatever stage of life. Since then, I have worked with a few individuals who wish to come under my lens as their self-discovery journey, experiencing their vulnerability, to be beautiful, wish to be accepted and to be who they are. Other more simple intend was they simply adore my work and like a piece of themselves in it.

Figuratif by Boon Ong is a consolidation of my journey on figurative art work and also to set a new beginning to photograph nude art and boudoir, in the hope to inspire and encourage people to feel empower, be proud of their own skin, sexuality and be who they are.

About Boon

I am a highly conventional, culturally rich Asian guy. Every now and then, I like to get away from my robotic and analytical life, run away to the unknown to create, to not think, to do something non-logical to everyman, for no reason.

I once shaved my head to go on a tour performing contemporary dance.

I once dropped everything, carried two luggage and moved to a brand new city that I just wikipedia-ed.

I was once a 200 lbs middle age pathetic man, then I become one of those fitness gym rat.

I once … … … …  there are just too many.

Sometimes I wonder which one is my true self. I once suspect if I am a Gemini, but when I do NOT do anything questionable, my personality fit perfectly as a Taurus.

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