Calm, quiet, dark, moody, sensual, raw, intimate, emotional, etc. are some the few words that consistently used to describe my photography. A pat on my shoulder, it definitely took me a long time to establish a style that most people recognize and enjoy.

However, there is one question that constantly strike me – Am I capable to photograph provocative, sexy and edgy?

In some way, I believe I have subconsciously infused this element in some of the recent past collections, but it was rather subtle. Undeniably, some of these labels were self-imposed and have created restriction and barrier to expand my capability. Let’s admit it, despite the genre is considered intimate and raw, there is still a fear to push the line too far that it starts becoming overboard to something else.

Until Katlyn & Trent came along. For the first time, I have a couple in front me, both are bold, high achiever, with great energy, and amazing personality. Together, they have embarked in the journey of fitness to reach the goal of their dream physiques. While it is still their mid-way point of their journey and showing good progress, it is a good idea to have them in for a motivational photo session to reinforce their dedication and hardwork.

And I know this is the time to be a little unapologetic and start pushing boundaries, even if I have to approach the session very literally. It’s all about stepping out of comfort zone, for all three of us!



(Music credit: Human – Sevdaliza)





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