If you ever attended the Calgary Pride Parade, you probably have come across a group of men in leather, getting into different gears, being who they are and walking proudly representing their very own community, or to be more precise, showing off their kink and fetish. Zhen is probably someone who is not foreign to many in the Calgary LGBTQ community.

“I get a lot of questions from a lot people. There isn’t much about discrimination, most of them are simply curious and I am always happy to share and tell them whatever they want to know,” Zhen said.

True enough, spending the time with Zhen, he is very comfortable with his own skin, his own sexuality, his kink and fetish, with a subtle quietness (which contradict my preconceived impression of him), very respectful and polite. In some way, I wish everyone have his kind of confidence of owning their sexuality. SEX TALK SHOULDN’T BE A TABOO. Being an talented artist himself, what I adore the most is his humbleness. We haven’t spent a lot of time together, but I was hooked with his collection of art books and chatting away our passion of figurative art.

When Zhen approached me to do a photo session, it really gets my brain thinking. Well, the default is probably featuring him in an edgy way, pulling out all the leather, bondage, officer hat, gas mask and photographing in the studio lighting environment.

“That’s too literate,” I thought.

It probably is a missed opportunity to many, but what I truly hoping to achieve is to strip him down from all the gimmick, infusing some of his “sex” edgy element in the collection, at the meantime keeping the Boon’s figuratif style in the overall collection. Instead of trying to push boundary and forcing both of us to be who we are not,  I am aiming to achieve a balance between Zhen and myself.

Not sure if there is a win-win here but I would love to hear what you think in this Intimate Lifestyle Photography collection. Write me a comment below.

  (Music credit: Play It – Victory)



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