This is the third time that I’ve worked with Danielle, a fellow artist and photographer who is truly inspirational. Two years ago, it was her who made me break all the rules of how a typical figurative art and boudoir photography should be; it was her who inspired me to ditch studio lighting and embrace the atmosphere; it was her who made me see beauty through attitude, personality, and not give a shit of criticism. (Check out Session 1 and Session 2).

Working with Danielle has since become a yearly ritual.

For a repeated session with the same person, there is always a concern of self-repeating. The slight different this time is we both have gone with a gentler and more feminine approach, leaning towards intimate lifestyle portrait. The entire Blue Monday collection has a touch of softness in Danielle that I don’t often see in her and her previous work, yet keeping her strong persona within the single space.

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(Music credit: Not Broken – Skye)

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