“Pregnancy has probably been one of the most challenging things I have ever had to do in my life. I have never felt so vulnerable & exposed as I have felt with pregnancy.

Our body changes everyday in ways we can’t explain, meanwhile emotionally we are expected to remain strong and tough as that’s the image society has put on us. We battle all these inner demons as we know what our body is changing for and the prize at the end is well worth the uncomfortable feelings and pain we go through for over 9+ months, but we can’t help to feel like this process has left us completely unhinged.

I can’t complain with the pregnancy I have had so far as it wasn’t the worst it could be, but I can’t help the emotions when I see the number on the scale rise, the random lumps and bumps while embracing the new body, and the roller coaster of emotions as daily stresses become so much more of a burden. The little things such as bending over, rolling out of bed, getting a good nights rest, or even walking a few blocks are all the small things we really appreciate when we can’t do them anymore. These are things no one talks about during pregnancy. These are the very real things woman experience during pregnancy. It is worse when all we ever see are specifically curated photos of celebrity moms looking fabulous, feeling fabulous and when we don’t have the same experience, it really takes an emotional hit to our egos.

I am guilty of it myself. However this little miracle is what drives me everyday to be better and do better, and for that its all worth it.”

–   Miss M



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