Loving myself is a choice. It’s an action. It’s a verb.

I rarely wake up and feel love for myself. Yet, I so easily love a multitude of people in my life. This is why I love photography. To be able to show the person the beauty they possess that is so easily seen and loved by those around them.

Why is it so easy for me to do this for others, yet so hard to do for myself.

I am a miracle. We are all miracles. These intricate bodies we inhabit on this earth show nothing but love for us. Lifting us out of bed in the morning and carrying us through our days. Holding our hearts and sustaining our breath. This in itself is love. This is true beauty. To be alive and breathing.

How dare my mind try to box my body in. How dare my thoughts adhere to what the media has tried to program in me. F*CK YOU.

My body is beautiful. I am beauty. I am love.

And I choose to love myself. Energetically. Diligently. Daily. Moment by moment. Now and forever.

– April


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