Happy New Year everyone! I hope the first few weeks of 2016 have been a good one for you.

First post of 2016, I choose to feature Sarah. Sarah is a model, performer, artist and Yoga instructor. She has extensive years of dancing training, especially ballet and modern. When she first came to me expressing her interest to be part of my work, I was absolutely flattered and honoured.

“I love your contorted emotional movement concept. I’m all about that.” – Sarah

Customizing a session for Sarah is not easy. Giving that she is a model, I have seen a lot of her past modelling work and they are really amazing and honestly, kinda jaw dropping. A lot of time, past modelling photos cloud my mind and create a lot of self-inflicted stress to myself. However, there are a few things that were yelling inside me that I do not want to do – no ballet, no yoga, and not overly posed!

I choose a more personal approach – in home boudoir, with a mix of performance and figurative art flavour. In my initial impression about Sarah, she is a very sweet, polite, soft and gentle person. As much as I want to keep those important characters of Sarah, I also want to keep her grounded as a person, stripping a away the label as a model, and push her a little further to be more physical and emotional expressive, yet remain less composed.

I want you to see her, know her, get up close and feel what she feels.



Don’t forget to play the music accompaniment to better enjoy this.


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