Today’s post is rather unusual, yet so challenging and so much fun.

For the very first time, I was engaged to photograph a figurative art photography workshop. Nope, I wasn’t attending the workshop as a participant but rather being the official photographer of the event and had access to all the “behind the scene”. Since I started photographing a couple of Off-beat Figure Drawing Sessions a year ago, I believe I created some attention within the community for having an alternative way to photograph figurative art. In fact, my approach has brought interest to other fellow photographers to participate in the Off-beat sessions.

Unlike the usual execution of modelling or boudoir session, I have no control to many aspects: – not knowing how the venue looks like until I was there, no control of lighting, minimal interruption to the workshop participants, especially not using any lighting equipment, and very limited chance to work with the models. I really love putting myself in this kind of restrictive challenging scenarios. It allows me to observe and document along the way, while embrace any available light source, use the environment to wrap around the subject, and most importantly – tell the story.

Photographing the Nude Workshop was jointly organized by two very prestige figurative art photographers in Calgary – Kevin Stenhouse and Rob from Lens Cap Images, along side with two highly experienced models from Vancouver – Kate Snig and Olivia Preston. This was really a one of a kind workshop in Canada. Two very distinct photographers, with different takes in photography, they offered many amazing lighting and creative techniques to the participants. Another big wow factor of the workshop was that it took place at Reclaimed Trading Company, a very interesting venue specialized in architectural salvage, custom furniture and reclaimed decor. It really blows my mind to be invited to tell the story of this event while witnessed other photographer’s creative actions. I absolutely adore the professionalism of both models, especially being put in different crazy intense situations and they just pulled it off gracefully. Kudos to everyone in this event.

For this work, aside from the story telling approach that I usually do, I always try my best to capture a few independent art pieces. Unlike all other photographers, I can only embrace the available ambient light and work around waiting … yes waiting, waiting for the right moment to jump in, snap, and disappear. This series is also highly inspired from the film 2046 that influence me to go a little cinematic with the overall editing.

Let me know what you think.


Play the music accompaniment to better enjoy this series.

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