Today, I would like to switch the mood a little bit and continue with sharing some of the other artist work that I highly endorse.

Last year, I had the privilege to get to know Brianna and Ewan Phelan from the Last Forty Perecent Boudoir in the Canada Photo Convention, followed by attending one of their Do More Wear Less workshop in Edmonton. By now, if you do not know who they are, you are really missing out because these guys are all over the place being featured by Hunfington Post, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed and Rangefinder Magazine.  Not going to repeat more about their work, I would let you go read and check them out.

Way before I started Figuratif by Boon Ong, there was a time that I experienced hurdle in my photography work, such as criticism  by other photographer, being called a disgrace and constant fight with my family, etc. It was the Phelan’s work and beliefs that have deeply impacted me at the right time and lifted up my confident to pursue further with this new line of business.

The Do More Wear Less workshop is highly packed with both business and creative content. From approaching clients for the first time, psychology of selling boudoir, pricing, contract, preparing the client and overall business management, Brianna share it wholeheartedly.  The second portion of the workshop, Ewan talks about his communication technique with client, his intentional approach in a boudoir session, and the most interesting part is how he deconstructed the whole posing technique and then put them together creatively.   This is absolutely eye opening!

Frankly, after the workshop, I was a little overwhelmed, a little lost and confused.  There was a very short period of time that I have attempted to implement entirely the boudoir shooting technique that I have learned. But I have to admit, I failed terribly. The real issue is I wasn’t being myself shooting something that truly me.  Most importantly, I lost my own voice in the creation, my very own experience and stories that I want to tell. It was then that I picked myself up again, rediscovered my work with a twist and started Figuratif by Boon Ong, offering both figurative art and boudoir work with my own flavour.

Nevertheless, what I have learned from the Last Forty Percent Boudoir has helped immensely, both in my photography business and execution of a photography session. When all key techniques are mastered, the rest is simply the creativity, and lots of lots of fun. I can definitely go on and on with the detail of all my learning and self-discovery, if you would like to know more, feel free to chat me up on email, Facebook or meet up for coffee!

Do More Wear Less Workshop is a truly master class, high quality workshop that worth every penny.  Besides, do check out their Boudoir Shoot Companion App, it a very useful guide with all of the details needed to pose a woman for boudoir. You definitely do not want to miss that one. By the way, as of today, the App is still on sale. You do not want to miss that too!

Below are some of the photos taken by me during the workshop. Don’t forget to AMP UP THE VOLUME!

Play the music accompaniment to better enjoy this series.

Boon Ong - DMWL-007 Boon Ong - DMWL-003a Boon Ong - DMWL-004 Boon Ong - DMWL-015 Boon Ong - DMWL-021 Boon Ong - DMWL-014a Boon Ong - DMWL-010b Boon Ong - DMWL-025 Boon Ong - DMWL-019a Boon Ong - DMWL-012 Boon Ong - DMWL-010a Boon Ong - DMWL-016 Boon Ong - DMWL-035 Boon Ong - DMWL-048 Boon Ong - DMWL-039a Boon Ong - DMWL-043 Boon Ong - DMWL-050a Boon Ong - DMWL-037 Boon Ong - DMWL-047 Boon Ong - DMWL-045 Boon Ong - DMWL-064a Boon Ong - DMWL-059 Boon Ong - DMWL-055A Boon Ong - DMWL-056 Boon Ong - DMWL-058 Boon Ong - DMWL-066 Boon Ong - DMWL-053A Boon Ong - DMWL-068 Boon Ong - DMWL-069