Remember the James Dean collection, which I didn’t pay much attention to the photos, until some time later when I revisited them again, some how it caught my attention. James Dean ended up as one of those underdog that really stood out.

Similar situation, I wasn’t thinking to use any of these photos, but some how, I want to do Willow a justice. I have to admit, I didn’t do much thinking during my session with Willow. Unlike collections Shea Butter and Puzzle With A Piece Missing, which I have a clear concept, there were actually a lot of trial and error during this session. It’s always the front, flat lighting that’s actually make it look unappealing in the view finder, but somehow, I am a fool. This collection is a true gem, full of texture, Willow is totally working it and the whole collection is just full of mood and flavour. I wish that I could do more and elaborate from this collection.
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Canada Figurative Art Photography-Willow-11 Canada Figurative Art Photography-Willow-12 Canada Figurative Art Photography-Willow-13 Canada Figurative Art Photography-Willow-15 Canada Figurative Art Photography-Willow-16 Canada Figurative Art Photography-Willow-17 Canada Figurative Art Photography-Willow-18