I often find it hard to distinguish genre like Boudoir, Glamour, Implied Nude and Figurative Art. Then, there are also classic literature, pin-up, bondage, outdoor landscape figurative, body painting, etc. It’s fascinating but not every work is of my taste.

Considering myself still fairly new to Figurative Art Photography, I’m overwhelmed, confused, inspired and sometimes feeling resistance. In this collection, it would be an experiment to do a big cross over, mashing up the boudoir, lifestyle, editorial elements into the figurative art. I want to break the “rules”, overcome all the literate, expect-able approach, and add in my personal touches.

For this collection, I know I want to use the limited ambient light. In fact, the sun light coming through the window was fairly harsh and strong, it’s not the ideal desire light used in portrait. That was the biggest fun of the entire collection, to concur the strong, almost empowering sun light.

The final presentation is very important to me. If you have seen my Day & Night and Michael Ward collections, I like a flow to my photos. You can call it story-telling, or describe it as cinematic. This is mainly inherit from my wedding photography work. There are two goals to this presentation: (1) a series of photos to bring you into Danielle’s world, embracing the space, and feeling the ambient; (2) to have many strong piece that can also be a standalone by itself.


Don’t forget to play the music accompaniment to better enjoy this collection.




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