Canada Calgary Figurative Art Nude Photography Boon Ong Figuratif

I cannot believe that I have completed this 10 days photo editing and blogging challenge that I have set up for myself. It was an amazing experience soaking myself in this kind of creative work, from photo selection, planning the collection line-up, photo editing, story boarding, and thinking how to blog about them. Besides, I am so happy to get responses from all the audiences, both great reviews and constructive criticism. I love it all!

I hope you all are not “nude out”, or perhaps suffering any withdrawal from this 10 Days Series. I definitely am feeling a little withdrawal after this crazy 2 weeks since the photoshoot. I am going to give myself a break, relax and enjoy this coming weekend.

Hereby, I would also like to invite you to participate in a poll to vote for the collection that you like the most.

Besides, I really wish to hear more feedback, comments and suggestion about this series. You can send me a private message through the Contact Form above, or leave your comments below. You can also email me at mail[at] if you have any question for me.

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Canada Calgary Figurative Art Nude Photography Boon Ong Figuratif