For today’s collection, I really have a lot to say, but very little to show.

Last night, I received a phone call from Singapore, it was from my elder brother, telling me how much he enjoyed Collection 4 – Goldilocks . Besides, he had the chance to go through other photos on my website and impressed with what I did. He was once condemning about my ambition being a photographer couple of years ago and said photography being a hobby is good but as a profession is a foolish idea. A simple phone call from him last night telling me how much he appreciates my work now, it really means a lot to me.

Coming from a non-art background with a full time job as a pipeline engineer, my photography work has always been questioned, challenged and criticized from someone with an art background. Occasionally, my self confidence get pushed down from the cliff. However, the ego side in me tells me to ignore criticism based on unreasonable perception (because I’ve never studied fine art). However, from my contemporary dancing days long time ago, I learn that art is highly subjective, there is no right or wrong answer, you either love it or hate it, and I cannot please everyone. There is no short cut, no excuses but to keep learning, keep improving, and the most important, keep shooting.

Today’s photo, there is actually a story behind it. I had approximately 7 minutes left in my session. I left my camera aside, left the studio and started walking around searching for something. Everyone in the studio was a little puzzled what was I doing wasting my session time. To be honest, I don’t know what was I doing too; I could have asked for assistance from others but I have no time to explain what I want. I started to carry in stuffs I found from the hall way and put them all in the set. I tried to the fill up the empty space as much as I could and ignore the size of the backdrop. I want to experiment something different, something with more textures, something with a background set up. With the short time, unplanned and no props prepared, it seems impossible. This is highly experimental, even if I have wasted my whole 7 minutes and it’s unsuccessful, that’s okay too.

At the end, I took about 10 frames until someone tapped my shoulder and told me – time’s up.

I was a happy man!

These two photos can be a stand-alone classic beauty pieces. It looks even better if they are framed in antique frames.

Canada Calgary Figurative Art Nude Photography Boon Ong Figuratif

Canada Calgary Figurative Art Nude Photography Boon Ong Figuratif

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